Our Team

A friendly indie game development club.

Latest News

Project Ebenezer: v0.4-pre-alpha is in the making. We are currently near the end of pre-production, testing prototypes for core mechanics and combat. Next Milestone: v0.5-pre-alpha should have the turn-based combat, the inventory system, and the dialogue features implemented. As for the site, we should have a timeline roadmap page setup soon.

Who are we?

Founded in 2018, we are a student-run, non-profit team of like-minded individuals that is focused on learning how to make indie games based in Montreal.
Our initiative is to learn game development as a team, and to create digital art that brings positivity, laughter, tears and love to our audience. We are also sci-fi and fantasy gamers who are bonded with the same dream of building epic adventures. Whenever possible, we produce using free software, free techstack, and a clean and simple-minded development eco-system.

We aim to release titles with an emphasis on ethical values, community building, personal reflection and artistic pursuits. To support our work, we will soon setup a Patreon page to crowdfund our games.

Let's Show Solidarity

As an indie game team in the 21th century, we are supportive of mental health advocates, racial minorities, and other disadvantaged groups in society. We want to uphold good values in our games but also in our community and in our lives as game developers. Will you join this effort?

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